Dr Tosin Sotubo

NHS and private GP | Clinical entrepreneur | Diversity advocate

www.mindbodydoctor.co.uk | Instagram: @mindbodydoctor

“Health to me is so much more than taking a pill to fix a problem. Health is education and having the tools and the knowledge to know how to look after what’s most important and that’s our health.  


Health to me is inclusivity and treating the patient as an individual. We live in such a culturally diverse population but we often have a one treatment or one advice fits all approach. We have to realise that people from different backgrounds can really live very differently and our health often reflects this and we need to be able to recognise this in society. 


My aim is to try and empower as many people as possible to look after their health and wellbeing. It’s so important for me to create a platform for all people from different backgrounds and different walks of life.”