Alongside my work as a transformational coach, I am also a freelance photographer. Capturing moments in this way started as a creative passion and a way to document my love of people-watching (I started off mainly taking street snaps - a man and his dog on Portobello Road, or a tourist taking photos in Palma), but quickly developed into an extension of my business and the creative balance I need.


When starting as a coach, I realised how intimidating it can be to get photographs of yourself for your own brand, particularly in the health, wellness and coaching industry, because that brand is generally YOU. I therefore started working with other people in the industry to create the imagery for their websites, social media and other marketing materials. I do so not only as a photographer, but as a woman in the industry myself. 


In order to ensure every client gets the most out of shooting with me, I offer a bespoke package for every client which, if necessary, includes an initial 60 minute clarity call with me. This draws upon my unique skills as a coach, and gives us the chance to dive deep into what you really want from your photos, the message you want to portray, how we can find locations aligned with your message, and ensure you feel totally comfortable and confident on the day. I believe the most important aspect of getting excellent imagery for your health, wellness or coaching business is that you feel relaxed and have a great relationship with the photographer, as this is what will allow your personality to come through in the photos and ultimately welcome clients into your business.

What you will get from working with me:

  • A bespoke photography package to suit your individual needs.

  • A safe and confidential space to discuss your thoughts, ideas and concerns regarding photos for your personal brand.

  • Support in clarifying what exactly you need and want from your photos (whether that is a handful of headshots or a wider selection of personal lifestyle images).

  • A fun and enjoyable time shooting content with me.

  • The option to choose your own final images from a contact sheet.

  • A selection of edited high-resolution final images in jpg format.

" Shooting with Ellie was a dream! She was so warm, friendly and put me 100% at ease. The whole process of arranging the session was a breeze. As well as having some wonderful, heartfelt conversations, we really enjoyed the time spent together – I managed to mostly forget I was even having my picture taken! Ellie gave great suggestions and the perfect amount of direction. The results are exactly what I'd hoped for – a series of photographs that perfectly capture my personality and brand. I am absolutely delighted and will definitely be shooting with her again."

- Lauren Armes

Business Coach, Speaker & Founder of Welltodo