Saima Majid

Wellbeing & transformation coach | Mental health advocate | Speaker | Instagram:

"Health and wellbeing is living my truth and my true essence. This means feeling vivacious, grounded, authentic and happy to be alive.


I have been advocating for health and wellness for a number of years. My dream is to live in a world where everyone is well and thriving.


Things are very very slowly changing in the health and wellness space but we still have a long way to go. Living in the UK and therefore amongst a hugely diverse demographic of people, I would like the health and wellness space to encompass elements from all of these incredible cultures. Not only is this better for our health but also the unity of humanity.


I am currently working to change this through my local event called The Trailblazers Journey which looks to tackle many of the largest issues that we face in our communities. By gathering local people, sharing experiences, educating and inspiring hopefully little by little we are creating a positive and empowering ripple effect through the community.


As a younger me I wish I had known about boundaries in relationships and how critically important it is for our health to establish clear boundaries in every single relationship.


Embracing all the facets and layers of my being has been the most empowering experience I’ve known to date. As well as contributing to my health and wellbeing, it has contributed to the incredibly meaningful and purposeful work that I am doing today."