Rebecca Legon

Founder of VIVA Manchester | Featured on 'Britain's Missing Top Model' | Diversity model represented by ZebedeeDisability activist | Charity fundraiser for Limb Power

Instagram: @rebeccalegon

“Yes, Rebecca Legon is my actual name. Pretty ironic considering I only have one leg. I was born with PFFD - a rare birth deformity where my knee on my left side grew from my hip – and I had an amputation at eight years old to be fitted with a prosthetic leg correctly. When I reached my late teens, I started to really struggle with looking different. I would try to disguise my disability by wearing baggy clothes and standing back in a crowd to avoid myself being noticed. In my early twenties I discovered alcohol and started experimenting with drugs which gave me the ability to let go of my feelings and become free of my body demons, but of course this wasn’t an everlasting happiness, as with every high there is always a low! 


Thankfully, I now live a much healthier life. I am a mum of two and I’m extremely interested in keeping myself as fit as I can be, but admittedly with my disability, I still feel disassociated with the health and wellbeing industry. For years, I have wanted to go to a yoga class but I haven’t had the courage to go and be the only person with one leg in a room with super flexible people. This may be because of the stereotypes associated with wellbeing and is why I was extremely interested in being included in this ‘This is Wellbeing’ photography campaign series. Together, we must promote more diversity and inclusion in this space.


Through promoting my life on social media I hope that I can inspire others who are struggling as I have, and also raise more awareness around disability and difference. Along with my newfound passion for fundraising for a superb charity called Limb Power, where I recently joined a team of other inspirational amputees to summit Kilimanjaro. It was one of the hardest but most amazing trips of a lifetime and I am now looking forward to a new future of upcoming mountain expeditions.”