Lynette Greenaway

Yoga teacher | Wellness coach | Facilitator of women's circles

 Instagram: @yogasista

“Although exercising self-care is incredibly important for all women, many Black women feel excluded from the wellness space, which is largely dominated by women who don't share the same cultural traumas, health concerns, body types and more.

I want black women to know that yoga and wellness is for us, that wellness is our birthright, and that self-care, self-love, and self-empowerment are things that we do.

As a woman of colour in wellness, I think it's important to be a part of the conversation of self-care and create a space where women and men can grow and build community. It’s important for me to show up, speak up, support and encourage diversity and inclusivity in wellness.

There is power in seeing yourself reflected and it is so important to me to be part of and create an inclusive and accessible wellness space where everyone can see themselves reflected.

Representation gives us hope for new possibilities and the courage to try. The more people in the wellness space who look like me to educate and assist us on how to make changes, the more comfortable we will feel with wellness, and the more likely we will be to truly improve generational health.

It’s important that you feel seen; it’s important that you feel celebrated and heard. You can only do that with a woman who looks like you.”