Karen James

Client services manager | Yoga teacher | Poetry writer

Instagram: @kj_yogaplay

“Health and wellbeing means everything to me since I started my journey with it many years ago upon realising I was angry and didn’t like myself much. To me, health and wellbeing means learning to be at peace with myself, navigating out of my own way, and not buying into my ‘old’ mindset. It means managing my emotions and accepting life throws curve balls and just to deal with them the best way we can. It means to keep learning new techniques, ways to manage stress, and also being able to accept who I am in all guises.

In this time, I have learnt to worry less about what people think of me and that it’s always ok to change your outlook, situation, friends, job, or whatever it is that affects or distorts your view of yourself. I have learnt to be kinder and much more compassionate, and that my wellbeing is so important as it is the corner stone to shaping my future.


I would tell my younger self to not be afraid to take a risk on finding whatever it is that makes you smile and lights a passion within. Failure is a part of life and it doesn’t have to define you, as success is always it’s loyal partner. More than anything, laugh, take time to listen to others, and damn well move your body! Oh, and ‘I love you’, say that often to yourself!

It’s never to late to learn. I decided to do my yoga teacher training at age 50. I’ve surprised myself, even though life may not have turned out the way I planned.


I want to introduce yoga asana to individuals who may not have moved or thought it possible, because I want to show that it is possible! Plus, it’s fun and it’s for every body, age and culture. I realise it’s also a fine line between being okay emotionally and mentally, so I aim to hold a space and support however can. I welcome the opportunity.

I think more people of colour should realise they can come to the table, and what they have to say, do, and share is valuable and will hopefully pave the way for others. It’s great that we are all working to remove stigma around general wellbeing but there is more work to do in order to create a true community and a safe environment, even in yoga classes. I just feel so passionately about people finding tools to empower themselves, even just a little."