Hannah Wallace

Speaker | Podcaster | Writer | Diversity model represented by Zebedee

Podcast: Finding Grace | Instagram: @hannah_wallace11

I believe with a passion that we need to show case all forms of diversity and not be afraid of difference in the wellness world. We need to knock its perfect shiny edges off and inspire people that different is good and show that we are all represented (and not just in a token way).

For so many years I hid in the shadows of wellness, spirituality and health because I felt like I didn’t quite ‘fit’ or I hadn’t healed myself enough. I didn’t see many people like me representing wellbeing and just didn’t feel good enough. That was until a well-known author said to me “if you’re not being represented, that’s your cue to represent yourself, stand up and get yourself heard.


This is about changing definitions. We are already seeing some advertisements showing diversity, but it should be the norm. We need the younger generation to not feel the divide we currently feel so that diversity is normal to them. People shouldn’t be feeling they aren’t quite ‘good enough’ because the simple fact is that we are all different, and it’s our differences which are our superpowers. We can find grace in all life situations and we must remember that true wellbeing is peace of mind and supporting one another to expand and grow in an ever-changing world.”