Dianne Bondy

Social justice activist | Author | Accessible yoga teacher | Leader of the 'Yoga For All' movement.

www.diannebondyyoga.com | Instagram: @diannebondyyoga

In August 2019, Dianne Bondy invited me to photograph one of her 'Yoga for Everyone' workshops in London in aid of this campaign. Whilst there, she also let me take a couple of portraits of her. Here are a selection of those images.

“Life is for living, exploring, breathing and enjoying. Let’s let go of the need to please, for perfection and for constant criticism. Your body is yours to enjoy.


Yoga has become a practice reserved exclusively for the privileged few: wealthy, thin, young, flexible, white and able-bodied. But yoga benefits all bodies, regardless of their shape, size, age, ethnicity or ability. It’s time that yoga be made available to anyone who wishes to practice.”