Chelsea Cox

Founder of Well Defined | Instagram: @welldefined_

"Having been part of the wellness industry for around 7 years I have always loved the wellness community, the support for each other, and general love within the industry as a whole. Something that has really lacked is diversity from all aspects - background, ethnicities and body size & shape. This is definitely on the change and more people than ever are starting these really important conversations. There is still a long way to go to make the wellness industry as inclusive and diverse as it should be and we can all be part of that change. If you are someone within the industry pushing this message, then start featuring different body shapes on your Instagram feed, invite people along to your events, workshops, classes...etc that perhaps would feel intimidated to attend initially, listen to people more, understand what it means to be something that isn't the traditional "fitspo" image.


Wellbeing to me means self-acceptance, being comfortable in your body, mind and soul."