Ali Jawad

Paralympic power lifter (2016 silver medalist) | Anti-doping advocate | Crohn’s disease fighter

Paralympics GB profile | Instagram: @alijawadpowerlifter

“My Paralympic discipline is the bench press. I’m lucky to have competed all over the world against the best lifters in the world. My hobby is anti doping and the protection of clean athletes. I help educate athletes and coaches about their clean sport responsibilities.


Sport has been my life since having my first dreams of Paralympic success at the age of 6. It’s taught me all the valuable lessons that I can transfer to life. Even though I’ve had many setbacks in my career, most notably the ongoing battle with Crohn’s disease, my health and fitness journey through elite sport has been incredible. However, being in a Paralympic sport meant a major lack of coverage in my early years. I didn’t get to meet other Paralympic athletes until I was 16.


Even though the Paralympic coverage has risen dramatically here since London 2012, there is still work to do for Paralympic athletes, Paralympic sport and sponsorship to be on par with Olympic sport. This is a challenge the Paralympic movement has embraced and done a brilliant job in promoting Paralympic sport worldwide.”